There's Cock In This Book (The Hockey Story) - Isa K. A lovely short story about a gay young man who purposefully hides his sexual preference as it would only hinder his interaction with the hockey team and his chances to be selected by a better team.

Mac was lovely as a blushing virgin and his responses were charming. While Fritzy revealed the pleasures of gay sex, it was both amusing and adorable to watch Mac try to hide his inexperience and still enjoy the encounter.

I think it would have helped to know a bit more about Mac as well, not just Fritz. Other than his decision to not come out to his teammates and view them as nothing more than that, we really don't know Mac's history. I'm hoping that might be elaborated in the sequel.

It was a delectable short introduction for Mac and Fritz. I'm hoping they'll get they HEA in [b:How To Quit Playing Hockey|16032248|How To Quit Playing Hockey|Isa K.||21802815].