Frog - Mary Calmes This is like [b:Acrobat|13594866|Acrobat|Mary Calmes||19183334] all over again.

The books might be different, the characters might have different backgrounds but they all act the same. And everyone around the MC has the same reaction: instant love and adoration. The main character is oblivious to the most obvious notions, acting unknowing on purpose, they have people throwing themselves at their feet but only after meeting their other half and the story is told. Whatever happens to them before? Why aren't they loved and cared for before they meet their destined one?

There was too much sweetness in the story to even try and like the characters. Weber was initially described as a strong cowboy, interested in sleeping around, not building relationships. Then (after more diabet inducing sweetness of moments spent with the family and wandering kids) he finally comes to the conclusion that he loves Cy and finally agrees to live together after everyone (and I mean everyone) in the book is urging him to stay. Cannot understand why he would persist on leaving when even Weber himself admitted several times to wanting to stay.

Overall, it's an adorable book, with the main characters overcoming misconceptions and getting their HEA. Just not my type.