In Over His Head - Kate Sherwood What a sucker punch! Totally loved this story! I'm so sorry there isn't more to read about Cade and Aidan.

What a sad past Cade had to endure before meeting Aidan. I totally sympathised with him, rowing up wth alcoholic parents, left to take care of himself at an early age, forced to resort to prostution in order to save enough for living and college. In this case, the results justified the means, though the emotional scars will forever remain. And I was sickened by Warren't behavior. I held a small hope that he might see reason but I should have known that someone getting off on causing other people shame and pain would stoop low enough to use blackmail. Aidan was also beautifully drawn. He seemed like the poster child for a kind and wealthy young man but the discovery of Cade's past was a harsh blow to him. I could really understand how it shook him to the core. But I was so glad that despite that, he came to Cade's defence and acted like the knight in shining armour. They fully deserve their happily ever after!

Such riverting characters and interesting plot in only a handful of pages. It would be wonderful if it were made into a full length novel.