Thirsting for More - Claire Cray Short little story about misunderstandings and secret feelings.

The storyline was rather predictible as well as the means by which the 2 main characters came together. And yet it was nice readinga bout them. Sharing Cal's angst, longing, sorrow and hurt as he went on believing Ira totally disregarded him. And even after hearing his confession, Cal thought himself unworthy of Ira's affections and couldn't bring himself to accept he had been the center of attention for Ira for years.

It was easier for the outside reader to understand that Ira's ploys were means to getting Cal's attention. And interesting to see that from Cal's pov, Ira was the unattainable one, when things were completely opposite from Ira's pov.

Quite a relaxing story. Not enough to make me fall in love but well suited for a leisure afternoon reading.