Gives Light (Gives Light, #1) - Rose Christo This was such a pleasant read. I started this morning and kept on till I finished it. I admit I had expected a little more angst or drama but the story was good without the added layer of sadness. The characters' background provided enough of that.

I will say I surprised at how easily everyone accepted Skylar and Rafael's feelings for each other. But other than that, I loved both of them. Skylar was so kind hearted, despite the horrible events in his past and suddenly finding himself thrown in a reservation he had no recollection of. Rafael was just as tormented, having to live under the shameful mark of his father's crimes. And that while still remembering the gentler side of him.

Despite their differences, physical, emotional and social, the two of them make such a sweet couple and you just feel they are meant for each other. You get this feelings that all is right with the world as long as they are together.

There wasn't all that much in the action sense, nothing dramatic happening except that little confrontation with the 2 federal agents but even that didn't deter from the story. It just blended in with the calm and at ease feeling you got by reading about the Native Americans' customs and ways.

Looking forward to the sequel!