Winter Wolf : A Werewolf Romance On Snow - S.P. Wayne It turned out to be such an adorable story. It definitely deserves 4.5 stars rating. The reason it's missing half a point is because I didn't fall head over heels in love with it (and that is a 'must' if I am to give 5 stars to a book) and had some moments where it switched points of view without any notice. It made me lose focus of the story and forced me to re-read the paragraph trying to understand who was thinking/saying/doing what.

Everything else was just great. I loved to know the tale from Axton's point of view and commiserate the double burden of hiding his sexuality as well as his nature. His worries about being found out and the dangers he was putting people in was believable and I really felt for him. Made me want to hug him real tight and never let him go.

I also liked the fact that the story progressed slowly over time. They got to know one another and Axton slowly came to understand he had fallen in love. It wasn't your typical plot where both characters were gay so eventually they end up together. Leander is straight. And not only that, he changes women like he changes bedding... too often. And yet, by spending time together and surviving near death experiences, feelings developed for both of them. Each had a unique personality and they match each other.

And the wolf mentality and concepts of werewolf hierarchy and habits were very original and nicely included in Axton's every day life and interaction with humans. He had a hidden sense of humour and a naive nature that endeared him to the reader. The catalyst for revealing secrets was slightly predictable but it didn't deter from the pleasure of going through the book.

It all made for a very interesting reading and I enjoyed every moment of it. If only there was more on these 2.