Nor Iron Bars a Cage - Kaje Harper What a lovely little gem of a story! Enjoyed it through and through!

I was totally captivated by Lyon, by Tobin, by the story itself. I thought the characters were believable and took a liking to them almost immediately. And the plot... it just kept me hooked right till the end. And when I reached the final page, I wished there was a sequel.

I was saddened by Lyon's tragic past and the difficulty he had in overcoming his fears. I loved the patient way in which Tobin inserted himself in Lyon's life and strove to make it as easy as possible for Lyon to feel at ease around him and managed to get him out of his self imposed prison. Both of them had strong and weak points and they relied on each other to draw strength.

As if the characters weren't enough, the story itself was fascinating and riveting. I enjoyed each new adventure that was imposed on Lyon but which ultimately helped him escape his demons. How he accepted the king's summons only to have to travel the country in search of a mysterious cave, to sharing mind with a ghost, to eluding enemy warriors, to finally facing his worst nightmares and last but not least accept the love of a good man and decide to spend the rest of their lives together. What more could I want?

I was really in-sync with this story and sailed through the pages. If there was any discontent, it was too tiny to matter and easily forgotten. Quite a treat to offer for free! Thank you!