The Lodestar of Ys - Amy Rae Durreson What a delightful story! Enjoyed every word of it! The only thing I hate about it is that it's over.

I couldn't find any flaw (or if there is any, I've happily ignored it for the contentedness that the story gave me). The story was intricate and detailed, the characters were shaped out and complex. It had the right combination of peril, humor, romantic moments and action scenes. Met all my criteria. And if that wasn't enough... it's free!!

There was some confusion at first, while I had to get accustomed to names and references to strange places (I kept looking for a map or some other clue at the start of the story to help me figure out how the nations were arranged) and took me a bit to understand the expand of the fantasy elements (how much magic there was in the world, what each nation could do). However, once the base was set up, I quickly dove into the story and fell in love with Celyn and Sjurd. They seemed opposites with nothing in common except their hate for each other. And yet, spending time together and allying against a common enemy brought them together. I just love how their story unfolds and they grow to care for each other. That and the fact that neither of them was cowering before the other. It was always a battle of wits, courage and feelings with Celyn and Sjurd.

I also loved the fact that the female characters in the book were not harpies. I was quite fond of Mathilde and despite her short stay in the book, I was sad that she had to ride off in the sunset to fight and die for her people.

Everything was pretty much wrapped by the end of the book and yet I wish there was a sequel of some sorts. Not quite ready to let them go. That good was the book!