Chasing Smoke - K.A. Mitchell I started reading this book partly due to the comments I read on the site. But together with the summary... I'm glad I picked up this book.
One of the replies here described Danny as too clingy to the past and winning about unchangeable things. I sort of agree. But it wasn't that annoying to me. I felt that both characters were pushed in opposite direction by teenage emotions and a troubled past. And that time spent apart defined their personalities. But even different and separated for so long, they managed to overcome all odds and be together. I enjoyed the physical chemistry between them, the witty retorts, the action and suspense thrown in the story and most of all, the torrid sex scenes.
The only thing stopping me from giving this story a full 5 star is the fact that, as good as the author made the story... the plot just seemed to lack something. The mystery was pretty average and it felt a bit strange for Trey to walk away from it after dedicating 15 years to it. Even if it was in the name of love. But all in all, it made for a very interesting read.