Thirty Days - Shayla Kersten I would rate this somewhere between 1 and 2 stars.

I was fairly disappointed by this book. Admittedly, the only one other point of reference for a BDSM based book was the "Deviations" series by Chris Owen and Jodi Payne. Because of it, I had a hard time going along with the characters, their behavior and responses as Dom and Sub. As a result, I kept comparing it with Deviations and contradicting some of Biton and Cavan's actions.

[spoiler ahead]At one point Cavan kept disobeying Biton's commands, which led me to think more of an actual slave than submissive in a BDSM relationship, like the time when he gave Biton a blow job, even though Biton had forbade it, or when he hid in the closet, despite having Biton's permission to do as he pleased in the house. The story was touching enough and had me pitying Cavan and his long suffering. But this was more the tale of an abused young man, forced into slavery, rather than Dominance and Submission.

Another thing which seemed a discrepancy to me (again, due to reading "Deviations") is that Biton, while claiming to be a Dom, had very little control, over himself and his Submissive. True, he was out of his league handling a damaged youngster who was forced into this lifestyle but there were moments in the story where a Dom's calm and presence should have made a difference.[end spoiler]

Perhaps I was mislead into thinking this was a BDSM book, when in fact it was about helping someone out of a terrible situation and offering the support to move on. And maybe that is why, I felt so disappointed by the book.