Ethan's Freedom - Jade Archer I have a totally subjective view on this story. I couldn't give it more than a 2 star rating.

[spoiler ahead]The start seemed promising enough. A different world, mages using sexual release to power themselves. And the fate of two brothers forced to the lifestyle. But then the story veered from that back to normal human world. Helped by a mysterious character (that never got more than a few pages' presence, despite his involvement in the direction of the story), Ethan ends up in Sydney, practically in the arms of the one and only man that could understand him and give him what he needed. And Ethan was exactly the opposite of Daniel (which got a much too ample description, even if he was the ex). Well, it would have been a depressing story otherwise.

But what felt distracting were the other characters. I also felt sorry for Devon, taken away from the world he knew and felt comfortable in, forced to cater to the whims of a brute. Even Rolf's point of view was included, which got me thinking at one point that maybe he wasn't that bad (was proved wrong by the end of the book). There were too many interferences to let me concentrate on Ethan and Michael's story.[end spoiler]

All in all, it makes for nice reading. I just feel it deserved more space to grow and become more complex.