Immortality is the Suck - A.M. Riley I was a bit surprised by this book. The summary lead me to think the story might progress in a certain way, only to be sucker-punched from the first few pages. In a good way :D

[spoiler ahead]Finding out that Adam was a corrupt, drug-using cop was somewhat of a shock. How often do you read stories with such main characters? (now I've started writing like the author, addressing the reader :P) I digress. I was a bit put off by his ethical code and his style to do things, not to mention his lack of morals when it came to choosing his partners. I would have liked him a bit more faithful... but that aspect, or better said trait of his character became more defined and explained as the story progressed. Before I knew it, I was laughing at Adam's stupid jokes and way or looking at things and became fond of his strained relationship with Peter.

Also, the story was a surprising action-packed, slightly romantic, paranormal combination. Something refreshing and interesting. It wasn't just about the sex between Adam and Peter or just about Adam becoming a vampire and coming to terms with that (which he did rather absentmindedly along the way) but more a slice of life, thrown together with vampires and emotionally conflicted hero.[end spoiler]

I enjoyed this book much more than I had anticipated. Looking forward to try something else by this author.