Dark Lover - J.R. Ward I can only give this book a 2 star rating (though there were some passages that made me cringe and almost give it a 1 star rating).

I admit that some of the blame for the low rating could be due to the differences between what I expected and what the book supplied. The summary led me to think the story would focus on a lonely warrior finding his true mate, both in spirit and body. Which overall, is what happened, however, the means by which this was accomplished was wanting. [spoiler ahead]I found it hard to imagine a character tough enough to strangle people and kill at will and then switch to crying over emotional outburts with his sweetheart. And for rough men, all the 'brothers' were quite insightful of their feelings and others'. The relationship between Beth and Wrath was so confusing, fuck bunnies one second, cold stares and ugly words the next... probably because that always gave both of them such awesome orgasms (sarcastic here!)

The only one I could actually find believable (considering the circumstances) was the meanest of them (names eludes me at the moment) - Zsadist - who was offered to kill Wrath. Because his character was in sync to what the author meant the brotherhood and each character to be out of everyone else.[end spoiler]

The story had the markings of a success (I suppose many people thought so). But I couldn't be drawn to the story or like the characters, no matter the elements of appeal.