Double Blind - Heidi Cullinan It was a nice read, I'll give you that. But somehow, following after "Special Delivery", this story carried less of an impact.

I was expecting one point of view in the story and was surprised to find two. And like the other book, I somehow believed it would focus on Randy, him being the character introduced earlier. But to me, it was more about Ethan. And opposite... well not so much opposite as in more concentrated doses, "Double Blind" was heavy on psychology and feeling analysis. It wasn't bad, it did make the characters more human, having flaws and insecurities and showing the reader the process each took to face their demons and keep moving. But it did detract a bit from the general flow of the story. I understand the need to deepen the introspection of each character, as they took turns in being the leading partner in their relationship but it made for a tedious reading at times, especially combined with the extent of information on poker. Learning more about poker did pique my interest in the game but overall, I would have liked more action between the characters as I found it a bit hard to grasp the concept of falling in love in matter of days.

This book also brought back Sam and Mitch, each with a heavy baggage of mixed feelings and emotions. Some of which were dealt through foursome (a bit hard to believe...). Not sure if the side we were shown of them improved or lessened the opinion I had of them from "Special Delivery". It did however, clarify a bit more the relationship status between them and Randy.

If I think in detail, there were plenty interesting characters, events and surprises along the way but somehow I could not summon the same enthusiasm I had for the first in this series. Only a 3 star rating.