Handyman - Claire Thompson I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It easily deserves a 4.5 rating.

I can't say it was an amazing book that will never be forgotten, because I wasn't that impressed. [spoiler ahead]There were a couple of moments where I felt put off by so much insecurity and the characters' alternating between trust and doubt. The connection between Will and Jack seemed to spark too suddenly, considering Will claimed the renovations were done quickly. Jason's confession seemed a bit out of the blue, just to make matters more at ease and force Eric to come to terms with his father's homosexuality. Not to mention that despite all his doubts and self-questions, Jack was pretty quick to action.

But the story was genuine and heart warming. I felt completely contented and so at ease to read the slow explorations, emotionally as well as sexually. It made quite an impact to read about a grown man, uneasy about his feelings upon discovery of a new side of him and about another slowly falling in love. And more, I enjoyed the detailed dissection of each of their feelings, thoughts and actions. It brought me as close as I could imagine to a character's mind. I simply devoured the pages. I also liked that the book was equally focused on the physical relationship as well as their feelings. Not just a rush to the bed (as Will would put it ;)) but threaded with care and tenderness. That is not to say the chemistry in bed between the two wasn't sizzling. In the beginning, I feared that having described Will and Paul (former boyfriend) so matter-of-factly, Will and Jack's relationship would be just as lacking. I was pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong.[end spoiler]

Truly an amazing read!