Somatesthesia - Ann Somerville It was a nice read. For some reason, I wasn't able to fully immerse in the story, thus the lower rating.

The story itself was a nice combination between slightly futuristic fantasy, cops, mystery and a dash of romance. Connor was marked by the cold relationship between himself and his father making him seem aloof and distant with others, having problems interacting with colleagues. And his abilities alienated him further from making any real friends. Shaken by his former partner's breakdown, he was unsure of himself and emotionally unstable. Along came Devlin, struggling to be the opposite of his father and easily creating a bond with him, showing him a new world of sensory wonder (hint to the title).

I felt a bit confused when the story veered abruptly from the Sorensen case to the romantic angle between the two but it seems the author did have a final for him as well. I thought the whole planning to have them killed was a bit overdone but it did bring some adrenaline to the story.

As I said, a good story. But not appealing enough for me.