Not Knowing Jack - K.A. Mitchell It was a good book. I felt a shift from her other works that I've read, in terms of emotional depth and the way the characters dealt with the crisis that hit them. I enjoyed the exploration of feelings and the subtle twists and turns in the story. It wasn't so much the sex as the struggle of two different men trying to bring together a life that included much more than they ever thought of.

The reason why I felt a little put off was because I found Tony too forgiving in some of the situations. or very very much in love to stand for all the insults, strange behavior and lying Jack did. Not that I don't understand Jack (and even support him with all that he's going through) but I find it hard to stand by someone when I have little to rely on. And I guess that was what made for a constant nagging throughout the reading. It was a good book, with great detail, character development (and a surprise insight from Brandon) and complex plot. Just not enough for me to give a 5 star rating.