The Tourist - Clare London It was quite am amazing book. I did not expect it to be so appealing, considering the small number of pages. But Clare managed to convey every feeling so perfectly, so vividly. Without dwelling too much in the details of the surrounding, the sole focus was on the characters and their story. And slowly, among understanding the depth of Ricky and Dan, of trying to establish the confines of their relationship, the reader also receives small puzzle pieces to put together how they met and how their troubled past and uncertainties shape their lives. All that, while still managing to keep the tourist an individuality that sneaks in to help Dan and Ricky but not loses himself in his hosts.

Ace is witty and an optimist, despite his sorrowful demise. Dan comes off just as Ace depicts him: reliable, confident though a bit unsure of himself. Ricky is just as unsure of himself, choosing to believe himself weak and unworthy just as his ex kept repeating to him. And to break that vicious circle and bring Dan and Ricky together, it took the skills of a talented wanderer originally aiming for just a little fun.

Quite the delectable story! Definitely deserving a 5 star rating!