The Letter Z - Marie Sexton It was a nice sequel to A to Z.

[spoiler ahead]It was interesting to see that this time, instead of Zach, we had Matt's POV. And considering the story involved Jonathan, Zach's ex, the switch was cleverly done. I quite enjoyed this alternate view on Angelo and Zach's relationship, as seen through Matt (and sometimes Jared)'s eyes. There wasn't much to the plot in terms of suspense and action but it abounded in views, opinions and thoughts on what makes a relationship work.

Personally, I am inclined more towards the kind of relationship Jared and Matt have. I cannot see myself standing on the line, while my partner is so free with other people. I'm too possessive for that kind of freedom within the relationship. With that said, the author still managed to present Zach and Angelo in such a way that I understood how they made that work between them. And a nice surprising kinky twist to the story was Zach preference of eyeliner, on top of letting Angelo go wild among aroused males.[end spoiler]

It was fun reading this, thanks to the witty dialogue, thoughtful insight into the specifics of a relationship and also because it completed the portrait of Angelo and Zach.