Like Coffee and Doughnuts  - Elle Parker I really enjoyed reading this story. Well deserving a 4.5 star rating!

One of the things I like about a story is to have a witty, funny character. And "Like Coffee and Doughnuts" has two. I laughed out loud more often than not. That is not to say the book is a comedy, just that the characters lightened the mood and made the reading that much more pleasant.

Dino (what a name for a private eye XD) is a 41 years old private eye who enojoyes music from the 50's, knows how to dance to that music and takes relationships as something serious and for long term. Seth seems to be his complete opposite, screwing everything that moves (in Dino's words), weird eating habits, listening to rock music. And yet, they are best friends, spending time together as well as working from time to time on various assignments.

It was an easy step to take from friends to something more. And even though Seth seemed more interested in a new sex partner rather than anything else, he ultimately turned out to be the one more devoted to a real relationship between the two of them and secretly in love with Dino. While Martini was still unsure of the new terrain he found himself on and worried between having Seth as friend of lover.

Their easy banter, their amazing (and arousing) sex scenes, the shyness they demonstrated (making them that more real), the slow way in which each discovered what mattered and how to hold on to that new fragile thing keeping them together. It was just sweet and heart warming. I look forward to reading the sequel!