From Afar - Ava March This rated 2.5 stars for me.

I really like Ava March's regency stories. There is something incredibly erotic about debauched young nobleman, acting the part in society but letting loose behind closed doors.

However there was too little story in this one. Other than a small introduction in the beginning, there is no real development of the history of the characters. We know Raphael has been following Aleric (a very nice name, by the way) for 3 years but there are no details of their first meeting, what led Raphael to become so enamored with him. And Aleric is not overly concerned with having been turned into a vampire or what that entails exactly. While I could accept the idea of strong sexual urges, it seemed to easy to have them lusting after one another. I wanted to learn more about Katerina or the pair Grant and Roman.

I really enjoy the author's sex scenes, so alluring in their descriptive nature but this story seemed to have little else. And I need equal parts sex and story to make me love a book, hence the rating.