Where the Allegheny Meets the Monongahela - Felicia Watson I started this book with certain expectations which were not really fulfilled, therefore my rating was lowered to 2.5 stars.

I was expecting a story where Logan slowly discovered his true nature and Nick helped him overcome the guilt of having been trapped in a family life and the fright of a new kind of life. That was true to some extent. They did talk about their problems. But to me it looked to be overly zealous. While Logan seemed to be at first, an average mechanic, unsure of his feelings and how to act on them, he later became semy-psychologist, going with Nick through the motions of discussing their issues and problems. And Nick, while in the beginning, being all professional, had his own difficulties recognising the problems between him and Logan or his faulty reasoning when it came to his father or Norah. I admit it's always difficult to see your own faults but still. Their personality and their interactions seemed staccato, as if there were missing bits which made the image incomplete.

Another thing that bothered me was that Logan, while having denied his attraction for so many years, had no problems becoming a bottom. Or that Nick wasn't a bit more caring and careful in their love making. Maybe the author didn't want to emphasise this side of their relation, but it seemed too easy for both of them to dive in a sexual relationship with no worries or apprehension.

Overall, the book is good. With two characters coming together and finding the strength to overcome years of repression/mental abuse and strive for happiness together. They each had their own monsters to battle and their will to hang in there is admirable. However, that was not enough to make me love the book.