Magic Bites -  Ilona Andrews I ended up liking the book and curious enough to read the sequel (which I'll do after writing this) but overall, I would give this a 3 star rating.

The thing that put me off from the book was the number of secrets and mysteries surrounding each character. Even the main character Kate is a sum of questions marks. It's not something that bothers me usually, but in this case, seeing that she narrated the story, I felt that I had no purchase in the story. Having to doubt everything and having to learn everything along the may, made it hard to invest in the story and I often found myself a spectator to the show, whereas I prefer to merge with the characters.

Eventually, that feeling faded away and I was able to enjoy the story more. I liked Kate's sense of humor and her will to face off some scary monsters (and there is plenty of gore and mayhem to go around). But couldn't help notice at times it seemed more bravado than anything else. She made boisterous threats but never followed through and without knowing the extent of her powers, I couldn't really tell how much was a conscious choice and how much sacrifice on her part.

But Kate's witty remarks and interesting personality made me curious to read more. That and the mysterious charged atmosphere between her and Curran (laughed out loud at the saucer of milk part).