Shades of Gray - Brooke McKinley I managed to finish it. What seemed interesting in the blurb, turned out only a 2 star rating when actually reading.

I was expecting a hard ass FBI agent that will have his views changed. What I got was a cynical, lying, double standard kind of guy. I couldn't come to like Miller mostly because of his flaws, which proved various and plenty. And it was hard for me to believe that after 7 years in the job, it took only one look at Danny for everything to unravel for Miller. All his moral principles (which weren't all that moral, when he mentioned how he treated former witnesses), straight life and honorable job were easily thrown away after sleeping with Danny.

As for Danny... he wasn't any better either. I was expecting a conflicted man, pushed in the wrong situations and faced with wrong decisions. But I didn't get that feeling from him. Danny seemed more at peace with his decisions and the life he had. After directly seeing what Hinestroza was capable of, doing prison for him in the past, Danny caved like sand castle under the waves after only 5 minutes with Miller. Great persuasion strategy, FBI agent! I won't even mention the lousy protection program of the FBI. I have read better plots in that regard.

What made it worth while (with 2 star rating instead of 1) was the depiction of emotions and their analysis. I can't say I found them believable when acted by the characters but taken individually, I thought them true and could relate. I even understood some of the reactions of the characters (for example, after Miller and Danny's first kiss, when Miller lashed out, denying his sexuality) but just couldn't invest emotionally in the story. The emotions rang true, but the characters seemed off.