Whistling in the Dark - Tamara Allen I would rate this somewhere between 3.5 and 4 stars. I liked the characters and the story proved interesting enough but it did not capture my full attention or made me feel Sutton or Jack's emotions strongly.

Perhaps I was not so infatuated with the story because I was expecting something different. Can't remember the blurb very well but I started the book with the impression that it would deal with Jack and Sutton's relationship and their need to hide it from society. Which was not the case here. There were hints of opression but each person introduced in the story had to qualms about the feelings growing between the two. Or at least turned a blind eye to it. Another thing that put me off was that the story dragged a bit at first. I kept waiting for the two to be brought together (for Jack to realise Sutton could play the piano or for Sutton to try his fingers on the upright in Jack's shop). And it seemed forever until events forced them together.

But I came to like Sutton and Jack. They were indeed different and worlds apart (in terms of personality and society) but they completemened each other well. Sutton offered Jack tranquility, assurance and stability, while Jack showed Sutton a carefree existence, how to have fun and to trust in himself and accept his feelings. Both were marked by their time on the front lines and I appreciated reading about their struggle to accomodate to life back home. They also had to accept each other's past as well as fears and insecurities regarding their relationship. At first I was surprised to see Jack being the one to want to cut ties but considering his solitary life, it makes sense somehow. Sutton was willing to hold on to their relationship because he left me with the impression of someone willing to take the chance.

I liked the setting of New York in the 1920s. I became fond of both men and was contented with their HEA as it was long overdue after the hardships Jack and Sutton had to endure. It's just that I needed a spark of something more to make me really love the story.

P.S.: I never figured it out. What was written on the poster that Jack ripped while being on the subway?