Healer - Cassandra Gold It took me a long time to finally finish this. I couldn't find the will to read till the end. And since it didn't capture my attention, it gets only 2 stars rating.

The plot was fairly interesting and there was a diverse cast involved. and despite that, I wasn't drawn in by the story. I understood Cam/Jason and I felt for his troubled past, filled with abuse and abandonment. I understood he had been hurt, I understood he was afraid to trust again and felt more at ease hiding his true self. But I never felt his emotions. Oh, they were written and explained but I couldn't emotionally connect with him. Neither with Tristan. Perhaps I could have accepted that but then the storyline became pretty predictable. And ultimately, this made me drop the rating. I figured Cam would bail out of a committed relationship and only give in when forced. I wasn't surprised to see him resort to flirting with other men, only to never follow through. I knew Tristan would sacrifice himself, just because it had been highlighted a couple of times that he was a noble soul.

My interest was piqued by the notion of a healer and a shape shifter becoming a couple but the actual story didn't deliver as much as I had hoped.