Fatal Shadows - Josh Lanyon I find it hard to comment the book. It's the third one by the same I've read in the last 24 hours (which says something about the talent of Josh Lanyon). I spent the first part of the night reading the book from start to finish and the second half of the night half-awake going over scenes in the book. A bit obssessed.. and I didn't even realise until this morning.

The only thing that put me down a bit was that either the author was so good that he left me as clueless as Adrien almost until the end or I wasn't bright enough to pick up the hints along the way and figure out who the killer was. The same goes for the romantic angle in the story between Adrien and Jake. I figured from the summary of the book (as well as the sequel's) that something might happen between them, but I was never sure throughout the story. Adrien, although admittedly attracted to the detective, didn't seem inclined to pursue anything in that direction, finding him too abrasive and obnoxious. While Jake appeared to me as really homophobe and seeing gay men only as fleeting and uninteresting sexual partners, here one second, gone the next. I must have missed the little details showing there was interest from both sides. Or those cues were too subtle for me.

But the mystery was exciting and totally surprising. I was as blind as Adrien and I finally sensed something was wrong only when Bruce told Adrien he loved him. Too soon for those words, after just one date and one f**k. Maybe I was just too focused on a sparkle of romance to ignite between Adrien and Jake.

Nonetheless, a good story. I am looking forward to reading the next installment.