Resistance - L.M. Turner It was a pleasant read. There was something adorable about Ryan and his fear of commitment and relationship.

It seemed a bit far-fetched in the second half of the book, when they kept running into situations that led to misunderstanding, especially with Jayden and Ryan never waiting for explanations. But it wasn't too distracting from the story. It might have been nice if all that angst might have led to more than one sex scene in the rain.

It was fun to watch confident Ryan have his routine shaken, needing to chase after Jayden. Their interactions were interesting, as Jayden managed to surprise Ryan almost every time. The chemistry was sizzling between them and it deserved a happy ending.

I liked Jayden for his quiet resolve and incredible good looks and loads of money that didn't make him an arrogant prick. He really gave it his best in trying to win Ryan over and make him changes his ways.

Overall, I liked the story and the pace in character and plot development. Both Ryan and Jayden made for likable men who needed each other to find happiness. Coupled with some hot sex scenes and it's definitely worth the time reading it. So 3.5 stars.