Visible Friend - K.Z. Snow This turned out to be less exciting than I imagined. And because I had expected something extraordinary from this, the actual story kind of disappointed, hence the 2 stars.

It was a very original idea to bring substance to an imaginary friend. However, I felt the story had too many central points, instead of focusing on a particular one. Chris is recovering from a drug addiction. On top of that, he is more isolated because of his sexual orientation. The the story digresses. Denny makes 2 brief appearances then disappears... only not in his spectral plane (or wherever he came from) but just around the block, moving on with his life. I would have enjoyed reading more about how he came into the world and how he familiarised himself with actual living, instead of seeing him suddenly turn up with a birth certificate and 500 dollars in his pocket. That was even stranger than him turning from imaginary friend to a real person.

And then Chris. He is mesmerised by Denny's apparition but quickly puts him out of his mind, preferring instead to imagine a life with Troy and make his life enjoyable (though often lamenting his solitude). When Troy hides deeper in the closet and there is nothing else interesting in his life, Chris remembers Denny and goes back to ask for a relationship. The plot line did not run smooth for me.

There were some original concepts and ideas placed in this book but they were not given enough attention, opting instead to clutter them together. I wanted Chris to devote more time and interest in Denny (best friend when Chris was young). There is a happy ending but the road to it could have been better.