Magic in the Blood - Silvia Violet I'd give this a 2 star rating but I can't group it with other books that truly deserved 2 stars. So it earns 1 star.

The reason I think this was an ok book is simply because I had no care for the plot or the characters. I was indifferent to why they acted in a certain way and why the plot twisted one way or the other along the way. But compared to other books where I invested more interest in the book, this one rates lower.

Both Liz and Avran did not present an intricate personality. They provided no sensible logic, or if they did, it was flimsy for their actions, why they repelled each other one moment, only to fall in each other's arms the next. Side characters took it in strides whenever something supernatural happened, the bad guys didn't do much in terms of mayhem or actaully trying to accomplish their evil wishes and the council of good powers were as useless as a chair in a boat. And let's not forget that almost every interaction between Avran and Liz immediately ignited a sexual response in both of them. Because even when threatened, one can become aroused and dream of fucking their sexy partner, with no regard to whether they'll actually survive the peril.

There was potential in this book. I would have loved to delve in the secrets of being a Deep Magician or a vampire and what kind of new abilities their union would bring. Sadly, it was overshadowed by badly written sex scenes and not enough character development. I just wasn't pulled in the story.