Backwoods Beast - Claire Cray Definitely enjoyed this! I'm hoping its length means a sequel will follow.

Kyle was very adorable as this semi-geek convinced into helping his ex get his car back. Made me want to hug him to death when he got stranded in the middle of nowhere, no service on his phone and scared by backwoods places. Not to mention how cute he was trying to brave out the hard stares from the locals and yet trying to ogle them unnoticed.

Needless to say the encounter with Eli was hot, Hot, HOT! Totally worth it, if you're into built men using their strength but be gentle at the same time, all in an alpha manner. Kyle and Eli make a great pair and the chemistry between them was amazing.

The plot raised a lot of questions for me: Was the whole town made up of werewolves? What's was Eli's status among them? What were the characteristics of these particular werewolves?

It worked well for a short, steamy story but I'm hoping to read more about Kyle and Eli together and have their world more developed and explained.