A Companion to Wolves  - Sarah Monette, Elizabeth Bear I think it speaks for itself the fact that I read this from one day to the next and had to go to work as well. I could be petty and drop 0.2 stars for little things (like weird names of people and places) but I won't.

It took me a while to get into the feel of the book. For one, the names made it difficult to remember who was who and related to whom and there was an assortment of terms for the characters, groups, clans introduced, that I also had to familiarise myself with (for some even guess what they meant as I couldn't find an explanation along the way). But soon enough, I found myself attached to Njall (Isolfr) and Viradechtis. The intricate weavings of wolf and brother, of the werthreat and wolfheall and konigenwolf were beautiful to unravel and understand.

I found myself absorbed by Isolfr's struggles to adapt to a new life and find his own meaning for honor and worth and sacrifice. I read with baited breath and accompanied him through his first battle with trolls, suffered and cringed while witnessing a wolf mating, worried as Isolfr was almost overwhelmed by Viradechtis' open mating, feared for him when he journeyed back to Iskryne to kill the trollqueen and earn help for his people and felt his angst as he returned home victorious but unsure of his wolfjarls' feelings for him.

It was a wonderous travel, nimbly moving from action packed scenes, to fretting over pack dealings and couplings and I loved every moment of it.

The book had everything I could ever hope to find in a story: romance, fighting, strong leading characters, and a brave young man succeeding in his challenges. I don't have the words to give this book justice. It just surprised me in the most pleasant ways. And I can't wait to start the sequel.