How To Quit Playing Hockey - Isa K. I really enjoyed reading this story. I was immersed into Mac's thinking and rationalisation as well as get a feel for the world of hockey.

I understood Mac's reluctance to come out to his team and everyone else. The author made it easy to understand the dynamic of such a testosterone driven world and what difficulties one needs to face to continue in such a world while being different. I liked that Mac admits to being able to compartmentalise his attraction for the same gender and his role as hockey player that he isn't driven mad with lust whenever hitting the showers with the team.

However, it did feel a bit romantic and easy going towards the end when everyone was so on board with Mac's sexuality and both his and Fritzy's fears turned out to be exaggerated.

Other than that small thing, I really enjoyed reading the book. Mac didn't end up being a superstar and live happily ever after with Fritzy. There was no fairytale feel to the characters. Mac had fears and regrets for focusing solely on hockey when it became apparent he would not excel at it and worried where to head to next, once his career was over. He admitted of wanting to be brave enough to confess his feelings for Fritzy (both to the man and to everyone else) but found he lacked the courage to go through with it. Fritzy had to struggle to earn his position in the NHL, finally resorting to outting him and Mac in the hopes of garnering the attention needed to keep him in the team.

Both men were flawed and hindered by distance and lack of proper communication. And their HEA was not perfectly arranged. But it showed them working out their differences and problems, both of them wanting to be together. That made it all the more real and likable to read this.