Control  - Manna Francis Way to keep me strung all throughout the story!

I had almost forgotten the mystery solving and detective feel at the start of the series, in [b:Mind Fuck|2112823|Mind Fuck (The Administration, #1)|Manna Francis||2118233]. But this installment brough it all back into focus.

The plot felt like a domino effect: Jonny abused Sara. Toreth roughed up Jonny. Kemp kidnapped and beat Toreth. Toreth brought down Kemp and his illegal operation. The summary doesn't do the story justice.

There was an extensive analysis on control... seen from Sara's point of view, then Jonny, Toreth and finally Kemp on all kind of matters. Sara felt robbed of free will when she was abused by Jonny and left in a pool of her own blood. Jonny too couldn't control the things happening around him. Toreth couldn't fight back against the abuse being done to him. Kemp couldn't stop the avalanche that brought his operation down and pointed him as head in charge.

While the chase was interesting and Toreth proved yet again his para-investigator skills, I was more focused on the personal aspect. How Toreth relied on Warrick and opened up in so many ways: trusting to ask Warrick for help, confessing his fears (or at least part of his fears) that he had experienced while held captive, knowing to go to Warrick as a way to stop the nightmares.

Everything happening in the story seems to be for a reason, though not apparent at first. Foundation blocks that strengthen the story later on. And despite the cruelty sometimes displayed, sooner or later you end up attached to the characters. Very good read! Off to the next one!