Quis Custodiet (The Administration, #5 ) - Manna Francis This book carried a lot of punch. There were several lines of interest developing and each intense.

Of course, the most interesting was seeing the changes in the relationshio between Warrick and Toreth. I was blown away when Toreth had the panic attack in the bath and Warrick finally became aware of the problem. I was wondering if that was ever going to be revealed and how since it would put Toreth in a weak position, something he hates passioantely. I think Warrick handled that discovery brilliantly.

I could really understand Toreth, thinking of himself as pathehic and trying really hard to not show his weakness but at the same time desperately needing Warrick to make it better (as he demonstrated later on, after Karteris' death). And so insanely jealous and doubtful of Warrick's fidelity that he placed a surveillance team on him. He didn't regret it even after it became apparent that it was causing Warrick problems at work. Close second after the near drowning incident is the moment when Toreth decides to not sleep around. My jaw actually dropped to the floor at that. And leave it to Toreth to make it seem like a bet with himself (a challenge) rather than his wish to stay faithful (as he knew Warrick wanted). Not sure if his intentions were ever displayed to Warrick... it would have made a nice impression. Though, considering Toreth had a couple of slip ups (wonder who Paul is, the mysterious, poem reciting rescuer). But still.

My only regret (almost making me deduce .5 star from the rating) is that Warrick is silent throughout this whole debacle. I very much wanted to know more of what Warrick thought of the tub scene, the surveillance and Toreth's wish to see him more often. And all I got was a short pov from Sara. I understand the silence was intentional in the last part, to makes us feel the anxiety and worry that Toreth went through... unsure whether Warrick would forgive or not. But in the beginning?

As for the story. 5 stars with congratulations. Very nicely played. Impressed with the number of characters involved in the charade and the complexity of the plan. I could really sense the leisure atmosphere in the Atehns' branch, the hot sunny days while Toreth struggled to understand the depth of the rot he's stumbled upon. As well as the myriad of subtle twists and turns. From selling drugs, to hiding resisters, to blackmailing resisters, to resisters sacrificing members to be ridden of the I&I threat.

So aside from that little snippet, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this installment. Every story is a new layer for the main characters and I love reading about their adventures and trying to understand them better.