Dirty Kiss - Rhys Ford Well, this was a pleasant surprise. Quite enjoyed the read.

I loved the author's writing. The story was laced with humor and made Cole all the more lovable.

Let's get the things I disliked first out of the way. Maybe dislike is a too strong word.. they were different than what I imagined or expected. For some reason, I expected Jae to have a more dominant personality and it was odd to see them in their set role of top and submissive. I kept hoping Jae would take charge at one point and flip the roles but he never did. Another thing that was a bit irritating was the length of book it took before I was able to finally understand how his lover, Rick and his partner, Ben had died. And I would have been pissed if there had been no sequel and things had been left half done between Jae and Cole.

I loved Cole, Jae, Mike, Scarlet, even Bobby (though he was a bit annoying at times). Cole's sense of humor made a nice addition to the story and took some of the heaviness of the plot, what with investigating a supposed suicide. The small tidbits of Korean culture sprinkled over made it all even more interesting. It wasn't just about admitting who you were and who you liked to yourself but about family obligations and how much they weighed when making choices.

The mystery was good though I was puzzled why Grace would go to such lengths. I figured the father or the mother to be the killer, not Grace. She made such a brief appearance in the book, that I couldn't pick up much of her personality so was really in the dark as to her motives.

I trust [b:Dirty Secret|15853341|Dirty Secret (Cole McGinnis, #2)|Rhys Ford|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1346125315s/15853341.jpg|21573342] will solve some of the issues left behind by the first book.